[1] “Fast Contact-Implicit Model-Predictive Control”. Simon Le Cleac’h, Taylor Howell, Shuo Yang, Chi-yen Lee, John Zhang, Arun L. Bishop, Mac Schwager, Zachary Manchester. [pdf]

Journal Articles

[1] “Mediating Between Contact Feasibility and Robustness of Trajectory Optimization Through Chance Complementarity Constraints”. Luke Drnach*, John Zhang*, Ye Zhao, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2022. [pdf] (* Equally Contributed)

Conference Abstracts and Workshops Papers:

[1] “Can Chance-Constrained Contact Uncertainty Quantification Improve Feasibility of Robust Trajectory Optimization?”. John Zhang, Luke Drnach, Ye Zhao, Dynamic Walking, 2021. [poster] [abstract]